Note on materials


Hand made oil on canvas.

Hand made oil on canvas.

Oil Paint:

For my oil paintings I use a palette of nontoxic pigments consisting mostly of earth based colors plus Titanium white. I paint exclusively without the use of solvents such as turpentine and mineral spirits, using only linseed oil to thin my colors.


Handmade watercolor, acrylic, graphite

Handmade watercolor, acrylic, graphite

Starch has been used as an aqueous binder for centuries. I discovered this versatile medium while searching for an alternative to traditional watercolors. Most commercial watercolors are manufactured with gum arabic as the primary binding agent and while this substance is non-toxic and easy to use, most of the gum Arabic used in the U.S. is shipped from Sudan. According to several sources the Sudanese government allegedly uses gum arabic profits to sustain the ongoing genocide.


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