Sketch. Text via Paul Conroy


Absolutely devastated to hear of the death of Ali Othman, Jedda, to all who knew him. Ali was instrumental in helping all of the journalists who covered Homs in the early day of the Syrian catastrophe. He was one of the leaders of the brave activists who ran the media centre we all used whilst in Baba Amr.

Ali was devoted to showing the world the true horrors of the carnage in Homs and supplied the worlds media with unflinching videos and images of the ongoing slaughter.

After the rocket attack that killed Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik on the 22 Feb, 2012, Ali was instrumental in organising the escape of myself and the other survivors of the attack, through enemy lines and to safety in Lebanon.

Later that year Ali was arrested by the regime and was disappeared into the system. The next time he was seen was in a macabre, sit down interview on state TV. Ali was forced to denounce the revolution and confess he worked with terrorists (journalists) against the state. Anyone who had met him could see he had been broken by the torture. Despite huge political pressure form many quarters, Ali was never seen again and his death was confirmed two days ago.

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of myself and all of the journalists who met Ali in Baba Amr and were touched by his warmth and bravery. We salute you mate, as fine and a noble man who ever graced this planet. I genuinely owe you my life, I will never forget you. Rest quietly my friend.

Paul and all whose lives you touched.

Here’s some more information on Ali’-“eyes-of-the-revolution”-arrested/

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