Sketch for MedGlobal:

This month we lost 19-Month-Old Palestinian Fatima after Delays in Medical Treatment.

Fatima Al-Masri, who was diagnosed last year with a hole in the heart, missed two appointments for treatment at Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem in December and February, while her family were repeatedly informed that her case was “under review”.

Many Palestinians have lost their lives since 2006, as Israel refuses to issue medical permits for those living in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s health system is flat on its back, with serious shortages of healthcare professionals, inadequate treatment equipment and low supplies of drugs and medicines.

In our most recent medical intervention, MedGlobal witnessed first-hand the large amount of medical equipment needed across Gaza.

Our team, with your support, want to continue providing Gaza with life-saving medical equipment.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Join us to support this critical health response by making a life-saving donation➡️➡️!/

Thank you to Marc Nelson for donating the beautiful drawing.

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